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Interview with Lilian Nyawira from Safaricom

  Lilian Nyawira, Senior Manager Network and Service Assurance at Safaricom, explained the benefits of using App Experience services for their Mobile App M-pesa, during the 20th SIGOS Conference. […]

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Interview with Felicity Lord from Wyndham

During the 20th SIGOS Conference for Telco & Digital Experience, Felicity Lord, Quality Assurance Manager at Wyndham, was one of the speakers explaining how her team uses App Experience. […]

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Scripting with SIGOS AppExperience: Best Practices

When it comes to mobile automation and mobile testing techniques, the first thing comes to the mind is, “Can we do it for Free”? The answer is, may be. The answer to “may be” comes to Appium, a popular tool. However, is it really free?    […]

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Application Performance Monitoring: Why You Need It

In 2017, there were approximately 5 million apps available across both Apple’s and Android’s app stores. By 2020, it is projected that the Apple App Store, which currently has 2.2 million apps, will add nearly 3 million additional apps to its store.   […]

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AX Mobile Testing Techniques - Part 1

In a crowded app market it is vital that any app provided to the app store is thoroughly tested and then continuously monitored for functional and visual performance. Read More […]

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App Monitoring: How to make your online banking customers happy?

“Those (banks) who are managing to get the customer satisfaction formula right, with the right combination of high tech, high touch customer interaction, are already setting the pace for others to follow.” Detroit Free Press – Why online banking customers aren´t happy […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Application Testing Strategy

  Here’s a sobering fact every executive in the digital space should know: a 2017 survey shows that 88% of users have abandoned (and never returned to) an app due to bugs and glitches. […]

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4 Types of Mobile App Testing Your QA Team Needs to Be Doing

The most important part of developing a solid test plan is understanding features and requirements. And with proper testing, quality assurance (QA) teams can ensure mobile applications are meeting specifications and that bugs/crashes occur infrequently. […]

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Mobile App Testing Types and Finding the Best Test Tool

There are about 5 million apps available in Google Play and Apple’s App Store alone according to Statista earlier this year, so you can imagine the fierce competition to produce applications with the highest mobile quality that can attract and retain the most users. Because without high mobile-quality app experiences, which requires exceptional mobile app functionality and app performance, mobile apps simply die from just one-time use. […]

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Manual Testing vs. Test Automation: Why You Need Both

Mobile app testing practices are constantly evolving and teams are always striving for ways to increase test coverage for the sake of software improvements. Although some testers may argue that manual and automated testing are dynamically opposed, using either method on its own rarely provides adequate coverage. […]