Poor-Performing Mobile Apps Will Now Suffer on Google Play

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twitter-icon-download-18.png  Google Play will now rank mobile apps that have better app performance and quality higher.

twitter-icon-download-18.png  Poor-performing mobile apps will now suffer on Google Play and be downranked. 

twitter-icon-download-18.png  Monitoring mobile app performance is key to improving quality and should be done on real devices.

twitter-icon-download-18.png  Mobile app performance should be a top priority. It impacts app reviews, ratings, engagement & retention. 

Last week, Google announced on its
Android Developers Blog that Google’s app store, Google Play, will now be placing higher priority to mobile apps that have better app performance and app quality. They acknowledged that users have low tolerance for ‘excessive battery usage, slow render times, and crashes’, and that half of low-rated apps reviewed blame quality.

In a study by Dimensional Research, 96% of mobile users said mobile app performance was important to varying degrees.Mobile App Performance is Important According to Mobile Users | SIGOS App Experience


To give mobile users the best digital experiences, Google has changed its search and discover algorithm to promote mobile apps in Google Play that have better performance than similar apps that have lower app quality-- perhaps those that crash more often, drain battery, or have longer mobile load times.

Ninety-one percent of mobile users expect at most a 4-second mobile response rate, according to mobile users in the same study.Best Mobile App Load Time | SIGOS App Experience

‘Google Play strives to help people find and discover safe, high quality, useful, and relevant apps. By focusing on the quality and performance of your app, you'll find more success on Google Play.’

Mobile app performance is a top priority for us at SIGOS App Experience, like it is at Google, because we, too, see the impact it has on app reviews and app ratings, and consequently app engagement and app retention. Ultimately, all of which, have a positive impact on over business outcomes.

Monitoring the performance of your mobile app is key to improving its quality and should be done on a variety of real devices because emulators and simulators fail to capture real-user experiences.

To learn more about how you can monitor the performance of your mobile app or site on real devices from anywhere in the world, anytime, watch our latest webinar Mobile App Performance Monitoring on Real Devices: How It Works + Demo for free and on-demand.

Mobile App Performance Monitoring on Real Devices: How It Works + Demo: Webinar | SIGOS App Experience

And if you want to learn more, have questions, or want a personal demo, feel free to contact one of our mobile solution experts or email us direct, because your users matter and your business depends on it.

Mobile App Performance on Real Devices - SIGOS App Experience

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