Interview with Lilian Nyawira from Safaricom



Lilian Nyawira, Senior Manager Network and Service Assurance at Safaricom, explained the benefits of using App Experience services for their Mobile App M-pesa, during the 20th SIGOS Conference.

Interview Lilian Nyawira - Safaricom







Provide a good user experience with mobile app

M-PESA is the mobile money payment system used in Kenya, with more than 23 million users registered. It is available to be used on the older feature phones, but more and more users are now embracing the M-PESA Android and iOS app. This means we need to provide optimum user experience across all our mobile apps. Hence, we decided to implement a best in class active end to end app monitoring system to have a comprehensive 24/7 view on service and app quality.



Monitoring all the transactions 24/7

SIGOS was able to translate our needs into a customized solution using  App Monitoring. Using Real Android and iOS Devices SIGOS App Experience Software monitors most important user journeys 24/7 such as “Pay Bill”, “Send Money”, “Verification of the USSD menu”, “Buy Airtime”, “Check Account Balance”.  App Experience Analytics Dashboard provides holistic app and service level view which is updated in real time.



Fast detection of Mobile App Issues

Using App Experience Performance Monitoring, Safaricom was able to monitor every transaction end to end and fix problems related to web certificate request and pin push service. Whenever an error was detected, we were able to fix it before the customers detected it. Furthermore, we could improve timing on important transactions such as “Bill Payment” and “Send Money”.

The drag and drop feature of design studio enables anyone without any programming experience to easily script any user journey.

With this performance monitoring solution, Safaricom succeed to improve the user experience by having more flexibility..


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