Interview with Felicity Lord from Wyndham


During the 20th SIGOS Conference for Telco & Digital Experience, Felicity Lord, Quality Assurance Manager at Wyndham, was one of the speakers explaining how her team uses App Experience.

Interview Felicity Lord - Wyndham






Provide a good user experience with mobile app

Wyndham operates the UK’s leading self-catering holiday brands. For us, experiences on Mobile and Tablet devices relate to Conversion and Revenue in real time. Our challenges are to bridge the gap between manual and automation experience and provide a real user experience. Wyndham customers use different device types, and we want to be able to test our app on multiple devices.



Manual Testing and Test Automation

SIGOS was able to provide more than 350 devices to perform manual testing and test automation. App Experience offers the possibility to easily adapt the script which is created for one device on multiple devices. Best part, using the script recorder, we were able to record our actions on the device (and app) and replay them in a which we wanted.



Fast detection of Mobile App Issues

Results and conclusion

App Experience compliments Wyndham test strategy by providing real devices and easy to use automation:

Personal: It allows Wyndham to recreate a genuine customer experience so that they can share, learn and improve their app.

Agile: App Experience supports their agile delivery methodology by providing simple to use automation functionality

Stable: 1 second of improvement in response time increases conversion by 20%.


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